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Product quality

Product Quality

For Scavolini, quality means using reliable, robust materials in a design which lasts, so that the price of the product reflects its real value.
One of the greatest benefits of choosing a well-known brand like Scavolini is in the certainty of the quality of the kitchen, afforded today by technology, materials and a sophisticated industrial process.
Scavolini pays great attention to the product, to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, a policy implemented at all company levels: design, production, training, laboratory tests and checks, careful selection of suppliers and a lot more.


Quality Control

Scavolini, always quality-oriented, adopts a series of measures to guarantee the characteristics of its products.
Some of these can be checked by specific visual inspections. Others require specific laboratory tests to check performance.
Scavolini carries out over 600 laboratory tests each year on products and materials.
These tests are carried out both internally, in our own well equipped test laboratory, and externally, at major testing centres.


The Scavolini Guarantee


under the terms and conditions set out below, Scavolini S.p.A. guarantees fitted kitchen furniture of its own manufacture against defects arising from the manufacturing process which appear within no more than 5 years after midnight of the day on which the kitchen left the Scavolini S.p.A. depots to be sent to the retailer of SCAVOLINI products.
After the aforesaid 5 years period, this guarantee shall cease to be effective/valid.


this guarantee is provided solely and exclusively on behalf of the consumer who first purchased the kitchen and therefore this guarantee cannot be transferred even if the kitchen is sold on a third party.


this guarantee excludes all items which do not constitute furniture for the fitted kitchen (for example electrical appliances and mixers) or any fitted kitchen furniture or parts of the same which already have a guarantee from their own manufacturer, and Scavolini S.p.A. accepts no responsibility for these items.
If the items concerned are excluded from this guarantee, any complaints must be addressed to the said manufacturers in the manner indicated by the manufacturers themselves.


in order for the guarantee to apply the following is necessary:

  • the kitchen must be used for domestic and not professional purposes. It must also be installed in the room of the home intended for use as a kitchen, which must meet the minimum health standards for human habitation (for example regarding humidity, temperature, etc.).
  • the kitchen must be installed correctly by people with the necessary qualifications;
  • the kitchen must be maintained as described in the use and maintenance booklet supplied with the kitchen itself and suitable cleaning products must be used;
  • the kitchen must not be treated negligently and/or carelessly and must be used appropriately;
  • the kitchen must not be tampered with;
  • the defect must not be the consequence of normal wear and tear or be the result of cuts, scratches or damage caused by knocks;
  • the defect must not be the consequence of natural disasters or exceptional conditions.


even if the kitchen is manufactured to high quality standards, manufacturing defects cannot be completely ruled out.
In the event that Scavolini confirms a manufacturing defect reported by a customer, Scavolini S.p.A. undertakes to send the retailer of SCAVOLINI products the item (or part of the same) as a replacement for the unit or part of the same in which manufacturing defects have been found.
Alternatively, it will arrange to repair the item. Replacement or repair are free of charge for the consumer and the decision as to whether to replace or repair is completely at the discretion of Scavolini S.p.A.; likewise manufacturing defects shall be confirmed or otherwise by Scavolini S.p.A., also at its own absolute discretion .
If the material needed for the work is not available because the model of kitchen sold is not currently in production, or because there is no stock in the warehouse, materials from other kitchen models will be used/supplied, at the choice of Scavolini S.p.A.; the material provided will therefore be different from that of the kitchen model which the consumer has, but of the same value as the defective parts.
Replacement or repair shall not extend the length of the guarantee which will, in any case, still expire after 5 years after midnight of the day on which the kitchen left the Scavolini S.p.A. depots to be sent to the retailer of SCAVOLINI products, even for replaced furniture/units.
In the event of manufacturing defects, the consumer’s only right of claim against Scavolini S.p.A., under its conditions, covers the replacement and/or repair of the defective unit excluding damages, costs, etc..


any consumer intending to activate the guarantee must apply to the Retailer of the Scavolini S.p.A. products where he made the purchase.
He must produce the “guarantee code” which Scavolini S.p.A. issues on dispatch of the kitchen.
Any possible defects must be reported within 30 days of discovery.


this guarantee is subject to Italian Law and any dispute will come under Italian jurisdiction and the Court of Pesaro (Italy).