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The kitchen with the rock soul

Design & Style

Diesel with Scavolini: the other side of the kitchen.

The collaboration of Diesel and Scavolini gave birth to a new concept kitchen which is called The kitchen with Rock Soul.

Diesel Social Kitchen

The eye-catching design with its sophistication and material quality providing you with a space to socialize and express your own style

The partnership between Scavolini and Diesel brings to life anextremely modern and modular kitchen maintaining the vintage spirit in its materials, treatment and finish which is the trademark of Diesel.
Thus, the kitchen is transformed into a practical environment more spacious and suited for social gatherings which has always been a motto for the two brands.

The end result of the collaboration is the modernity with comfort, the kitchen with a space for socializing.

Design values and convenience, reinterpreted with creative verve, the spirit of this design (on the left) in Ruxe white wood and spotless metallic steel with wired glass and Sarah Gris Okite worktops. The central counter becomes the real fulcrum, being the center of social life. Surrounding it, the storage unit, front-opened units and vintage glass door cabinets representing the emblem of industrial design.

In aesthetic terms, what defines the character of the new project is the volume and natural, essential materials – aged using special vintage treatments – such as wood, steel and glass worked with metals. The door features the oak wood, designed in a way that ensures visible, tactile natural knotted effect. Glass doors with a metallic mesh providing a retro look are also available. The handle types such as the American Style handle that defines the refrigerator door. . The motive is to create an ambiance filled with life and is a mix of vintage and modern design.

The Diesel Social Kitchen is not only built with modular individual elements but also with separate modules that can be freely assembled. TheMISFITS collection, best represents this aspect of the project, flaunting a line of free-standing, non-modular objects that graft into the kitchen, like trolleys, tables and storage units.

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