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Simple silhouettes, clear geometric shapes and minimal styling: these are the features that define a  modern bathroom  that communicates with the surrounding space, characterise...
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A bathroom of emotions
Comfort, happiness and relaxation: there are many emotional feelings that revolve around the room dedicated to well-being and pampering. The solutions devised for those who enjo...
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Wall-mounted, floor-standing, minimal or embellished with designer details: bathroom cabinet looks are exactly this, always ready to satisfy any need to suit all styles and re...
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Double washbasin for bath cabinet
Scenic, as well as functional, especially when there is only one bathroom in the home. From ultra-compact and informal models for young, easy-going settings, to more sophisticat...
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The modular   bookcase is the item of furniture which - par excellence - tells the story and the life of the home’s inhabitants through the books, photographs and objects it c...
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