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Endless creativity with LiberaMente collection

The LiberaMente kitchen expresses its potential also in unconventional spaces. The variety of solutions and the wide range of finishes allow for compositional creativity and freedom in all cases.


LiberaMente is a perfect blend of the last kitchen trends, which brings out the pleasure of familiar intimacy with a contemporary touch. Essential lines, clean geometries, designs integrated with the living room and the rest of the house. Functional solutions inspired to the search for the maximum compositional freedom. Opportunities of a renowned brand to also meet personal preferences and make the kitchen a unique environment. Features: quality design and minimal looks (with no handles or openings with grooves), open modules for the various configurations, living-room elements and a wide variety of finishes and colors. The Prestige White glossy lacquered kitchen outlines a separate center of the house” that still interacts and communicates with the other areas; a composition enhanced by an essential design, concealed functionalities, a pure color and lots of light flowing in.


The refined geometries of the wall units of this solution accentuate the rational and contemporary nature of the LiberaMente kitchen. Plenums and voids, contrasting colors and tops with different heights make this kitchen - airy and open to the rest of the house - unique.

Living Room

A design focused on minimalism and elegance, and a multi-faceted essence, are the characteristics that transform this model into a proposal that keeps abreast of the times. The living room furniture LiberaMente came to life aiming towards a strong architectonic integration with the rest of the house. Its design matches that of the kitchen. The different compositions available repeat features, finishes and colors of the furniture proposed for the kitchen. Among the features of this model: functional and contemporary looking wall-mounted modules, reduced height furniture, elegant open elements, counter-tops, shelves, TV areas and a large choice of finishes and colors. Innovation, imagination and elegance are also expressed through the opportunity to create contemporary living spaces according to your own taste and needs in terms of space. The living room composition (connected to one of the elements of the kitchen) is enhanced by two different colors: Glossy Ice and glossy Baltic Blue, chosen for the glass doors and top and the lacquered open modules.

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