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Design by King&Miranda

Scenery by Scavolini is an eclectic, high-impact project, expressing a new concept in culture, and not merely in kitchen furnishing: Scenery is a 100% Italian-made kitchen with a sophisticated appeal, a room to be lived in and shown off, losing its connotations as a merely functional, utility area to transform itself into the focal point of the home, the stage for family and social relations.

A perfect mix of design and technology for a new cultural approach to the kitchen. Scenery thus reinterprets this important room with a celebration of the new rites of modern life, making the kitchen the archetype of a new cultural approach. For this project, Perry King and Santiago Miranda – in their first venture into kitchen design – started from the social role played by the kitchen today, inside homes which are becoming smaller and smaller in size, where the various parts of the daytime living space – kitchen, dining-room and lounge – are united and merged in a single informal room, superseding the clear division found in the domestic architecture of the ‘60s and 70s.

Designed for c onsumers who like innovation and are aware of new trends, Scenery is strongly experiential, taking on board the international popularity of cooking-show restaurants, where the kitchen opens onto the dining-room and becomes the stage on which the chef is the star. A room with a dual personality, where everyone feels at ease: a highly functional, absolutely complete kitchen, intended for people who like the ritual of food preparation and want to share this pleasure with their guests, who can finally enjoy the fun of participating as onlookers, protected – thanks to the original peninsula structure and striking Mirage island – from the “business end” of the kitchen by a movable mirror screen. From the stylistic point of view, Scenery is rigorously elegant with a sophisticated appeal and offers a very wide range of materials, finishes and elements.

Scenery is also a green kitchen: responsive to environmental concerns, for the carcases of all its kitchens Scavolini uses Idroleb Ecological Panels by the Mauro Saviola Group, which meet the dual objective of protecting the environment and paying the maximum attention to consumers’ health. These panels are made entirely from FSC-certified post-consumption wood, with the world’s lowest formaldehyde emissions, at levels actually below the limits set by the extremely severe Japanese F**** standards, which require an emissions level of 0.4 mg/l, while IDROLEB panels guarantee a level of 0.35 mg/l. Idroleb panels also comply with the V100 water-repellence standard, with a guarantee of swelling of no more than 10% over a 24-hour period.



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