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Art, Design and Possibility: The new kitchen designed by Michael Young

The bands of horizontal colour provide the basis for a wealth of compositional effects. Innovative in conception and design, Tetrix will reveal invaluable contents when the time comes to use them: drawers and pull-out baskets also accessible by means of dual handle grooves, appliances and fitted compartments.

Inspired by the video game Tetris, Scavolini's Tetrix takes modular geometry to the next level with multi-colored glass cabinets. Designed by Michael Young, the Tetrix line features 25 different glass colors in both glossy and matt finishes as well as many unique storage options. Tetrix is a fun solution for blending the kitchen, colors, and living room into one space. With 25 gradation options to choose from, Tetrix uses multiple glass panels to create a variety of compositions. The kitchen line features a handless slatted door with horizontal and vertical grooves for functional access into the base and tall cabinets. The linear effect defines Tetrix as the design options are colorful, endless and innovative. This is the perfect style for contemporary city living.

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