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When the kitchen is rectangular


How to plan your kitchen according to its size. Let’s start with a long, narrow kitchen.

Modular kitchens are perfectly suited to any home. So if you need to plan your new kitchen and you have a rather long room, fear not!
There are various solutions for furnishing a kitchen of this size, and to make it welcoming and efficient in all its functions.


Composizione in linea

Se l’ambiente a tua disposizione è stretto, riserva un’unica parete a tutte le attività della tua cucina. Le parole d’ordine per comporre la cucina nel modo più comodo e razionale sono: conservazione, preparazione, lavaggio e cottura. La cucina in linea ti consente di avere su un solo lato mobili, accessori ed elettrodomestici. Inoltre, per sfruttare al meglio i centimetri a disposizione, puoi sviluppare la composizione in verticale: i pensili alti offrono maggiori prestazioni in termini di contenimento e lasciano il giusto spazio di movimento nella stanza.

Easy come Urban

Urban è il modello di cucina componibile della collezione Scavolini Easy che nella tradizionale soluzione in linea da 3 metri e 60 si adatta a piccoli spazi e ad ambienti stretti e lunghi. Se non ami le cucine troppo monotone, la combinazione della doppia fila di pensili bassi alternati a contenitori a giorno offre movimento e personalità alla composizione.


And if you want to add a table? Long kitchens don’t always have enough space to fit a table to dine on with friends and relatives, but the wall-mounted solutions give you the chance to have a work surface for breakfast or quick snacks. And if you really don’t want to go without a table, one solution could be to pick a rectangular table that is not too deep, resting against the wall opposite the kitchen cabinets.

Colour plays its part
When the space is limited, the choice of colours is essential. Whether you need to choose the colours of a modern kitchen or those of a more classic design, pale bright hues lighten up the room and amplify the space. Take your chances, depending on your own particular tastes and needs, and create imaginative blends with contrasting shades, to make the room look new and original, even if it’s compact and bijoux.


Compositions With a Peninsula

A long, narrow kitchen can become a useful place to eat your meals or to prepare your dishes, without adding further bulk.

The composition in this case is the peninsula, a solution that combines modernity and elegance with the functionality required, and which can also accommodate the need to separate the washing/cooking area from the living room. The curvilinear top, even when compact in size, makes the kitchen a place to live in, while also becoming a practical home for small appliances.


Corner Kitchen

The corner kitchen does not take up too much room and is suited to compact spaces, offering all the conveniences to accommodate the finest cooking. The various storage and cooking solutions can be arranged in such a way as to be able to distinguish between the two areas: together, they contribute towards creating a habitable place, where you can include shelves as resting surfaces to create an airy and bright setting, with alternating visible areas and closed compartments, and a snack table that can be used for activities other than preparing and eating food.

Find out which is your ideal model depending on the size of your kitchen. And if you need further information and suggestions, contact your nearest dealer.


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