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Advertising, promotion and information

Scavolini sees communication as a major factor in success and growth, capable of establishing a strong link between company and consumers.

The high level of brand notoriety derived from the large-scale advertising campaigns the company has been running in the main media on the national and international scale for years, and the exceptional product recognition generated by intensive information activities, have generated amongst consumers the conviction that Scavolini wishes to retain intact not just excellent business standards but also a high degree of visibility, continually confirming its brand image and the complete reliability of its products.

Its strong institutional image and high-quality TV, radio, press, poster and web advertising, together with the point-of-sale information provided in the form of truly unique catalogues and tools, reflect Scavolini's entrepreneurial flair and strong spirit of innovation.

Pioneer in the use of television advertising in the furnishing sector (on Italian state TV since 1975 and private channels since 1984), Scavolini is also a pace-setter on the Internet, where it established its own site in 1996, followed in 2002 by the innovative a vertical portal unique in its sector, focusing on kitchens, offering its members a truly original forum.