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Indoor Hi-Quality Certification

Cosmob Qualitas Praemium: Indoor Hi-Quality

It is generally believed that the homes, offices and leisure facilities where we spend approximately 90% of our day are safe places, in which we can take refuge, protected against the pollutants that contaminate the air of our towns and cities.

However, not everybody knows that this may not actually be the case and that the air in indoor environments can contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are often detected in considerably higher levels in indoor environments compared to levels measured outside.
These VOC (such as benzene, cyclohexane, ethanol, methylacetate, ethylacetate, acetone, thiophene, ethylacrylate and the most well-known Formaldehyde) make up a significant portion of pollutants in confined spaces, since these substances are characterised by extreme volatility and emitted in a large quantity of products found in our homes, including: paints, glues, construction materials, household products, furniture, etc.
Scavolini, with its constant focus on consumer health, has taken another major step in this direction by obtaining the "COSMOB Qualitas Praemium: Indoor Hi-Quality” certification, which allows it to monitor pollutant emissions by means of continuous routine checks on both the product and the production process.

This certification is complied with thanks to the COSMOB label, which certifies the quality and soundness of the product in terms of low VOC emissions.

Scavolini products all belong to class A++, the highest possible level in terms of low indoor pollution, which refers to the levels envisaged by one of the strictest protocols: the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) regulations set up by the U.S. Green Building Council for the construction of buildings with a focus on sustainability.

The result of the tests conducted by the COSMOB technological centre makes it possible to define Scavolini products as LEED Compliant (Commercial Interior - IEQ Credit 4.5) for the quality of the air in confined spaces.

Scavolini is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of consumers across the entire production chain: from employees, to installers, to anyone who chooses to breathe quality air and live in a “healthy” home, a Scavolini home.