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Mission, vision and values


We work to improve the quality of life in the kitchen by raising the standards of both stylistic and functional aspects, in full accordance with our core values.


"We want Italy’s favourite kitchen to become a cherished family member in homes all over the world"

Our Values
TAILOR-MADE UNIQUENESS Qualified technicians listen to your needs, your tastes, your way of living, to offer a bespoke design. Offering to your dream creative flexibility, top Italian design and solid functionality.
MADE IN ITALY & INTERNATIONAL DESIGN Centuries of undeniable aesthetic sensitivity and natural inclination to beauty meet the dictates of international contemporary design, creating environments of timeless value. Built exclusively on the Italian territory.
HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY The choices are strict, raw materials are selected with great care, the design tools are top notch. Goal: excellence, to the smallest detail.
EFFICIENCY AND DURABILITY The beauty of shapes and colors designed by the best Italian and international designers is based on efficiency, durability and accuracy of semi-custom production methods. But also on the robustness and reliability of a leading company in Italy for over 30 years, rich counts on more than 50 years of history.
WIDE RANGE OF CHOICE For you, infinite possibilities of choice in terms of choice and combination. Taking a cue from the composition devised by world famous designers you can customize colors, materials and finishes, according to the various requirements of price.
ETHICS The beautiful and functional values of respecting the planet Earth through the responsible use of resources, the use of renewable energies, the recovery of waste materials.
Our aims
  • to design and to produce beautiful, reliable, perfectly functional, safe and environmentally friendly kitchens that fully meet our customers' most diversified requirements
  • to keep the costs at competitive levels
  • to guarantee that products and services comply with quality standards
  • to ensure promptness in terms of deliveries and be on punctual on all deadlines
  • to constantly improve company processes, by monitoring them using effective indicators
  • to increase our suppliers' and retailers’ awareness regarding issues such as quality, ethics, the environment and workplace health and safety
  • to improve internal and external communications
  • to develop a proper qualification of our distribution network
  • to control and reduce the consumption of resources by using as much as possible renewable resources
  • to control and reduce emissions and waste materials
  • to prevent at source possible risks for health and security in every activity
  • to progressively lower the occupational accidents and diseases that concern the workers
  • to increase the personnel’s level of knowledge and awareness through constant training and information activities
  • to constantly operate to conform as much as possible the working place to the highest quality standards achievable
Ten “Principles” for ten “Commitments
  1. “Achievement of environmental sustainability objectives in the short, medium and long-term” To make environmental protection an integral part of the business and production growth process.
  2. “Adoption of a preventive approach” To assess the impact of business, products and services in order to manage the relevant environmental aspects taking a preventive approach and promoting the use of the best technology available.
  3. "Efficient use of natural resources” To promote the efficient use of natural resources, with specific attention paid to the rational management of water and energy resources.
  4. “Control and reduction of environmental impact” To control and, where possible reduce emissions into the air, water and soil; to strive to minimise waste production and manage any waste effectively, privileging recovery and reuse in lieu of disposal; to take suitable steps to limit the effects of business on climate change; to promote the safeguarding of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  5. “Centrality of innovative technology” To invest in research, development and innovation in order to develop processes, products and services of ever decreasing environmental impact.
  6. "Responsible product management” To promote responsible product or service management throughout the whole life cycle in order to improve performance and reduce environmental impact, including by informing customers on how to use products and manage them at the “end of their useful life”.
  7. "Responsible production chain management”
    To promote the safeguarding of the environment in managing the production chain, involving suppliers, customers and parties concerned as players in the sustainability policy.
  8. “Sensitisation and training” To promote the information, sensitisation and training in order to involve the organisation in implementing its environmental policy.
  9. “Transparency in related party transactions” To promote transparent related party transactions in order to pursue shared policies in the environmental field.
  10. “Coherence in international business” To operate in compliance with the principles subscribed to in this Charter in all countries in which operations take place.