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Product safety

When designing and manufacturing its products, Scavolini pays particular attention to all things quality, design, functionality and strength related, applying the best technology available in order to minimise the environmental impact of the processes and materials used, and to make them as safe as possible for the end users.
To this end, Scavolini follows the guidelines set out in UNI EN 14749 which governs the safety requirements and test methods for the structures of all types of storage units for domestic use, for the kitchen and the bathroom including worktops.

Below are some examples of product safety measures implemented by Scavolini:

- Low formaldehyde and VOC emissions: for its wood-based components, Scavolini has decided to use only materials with very low emissions of formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds (for more details, please see the section entitle COSMOB certification of the website).

- Tempered glass: the glass used is tempered (with the exception of mirrors, curved glass and small pieces, on which tempering technology cannot be applied), to lend them greater mechanical resistance and safety in the event of breakage (in this case, they shatter into minute fragments that are not sharp). When the glass cannot be tempered, it is treated to make it especially hard-wearing.

- Anti-release and anti-tipping system: baskets, drawers and shelves are fitted with an anti-release and anti-tipping system to avoid the risk of them or their contents accidentally falling out.

- Hinges, arms and drawer runners: all our opening systems (hinges and arms for doors and runners for drawers) are designed to be hard-wearing and durable. To this end, we constantly perform tests which, for instance, guarantee the resistance of hinges for over 100,000 opening/closing cycles and drawers for over 60,000 opening/closing cycles. In addition, our hinges and drawers are fitted with mechanisms that slow down closing to avoid knocks.

- Appliances: Scavolini has always selected the best household appliance manufacturers who not only provide a guarantee on their products (all are EC marked) but are also in a position to offer outstanding support. We nevertheless recommend you follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer together with any appliance.

- Hoods: Scavolini selects extraction hoods that are technologically sophisticated, guaranteeing excellent air exchange when cooking food. We nevertheless recommend you follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer together with any hood.

- Hobs: all the hobs provided by Scavolini for its kitchen collections are fitted with a safety valve to avoid accidental gas leaks.

Scavolini dealers and their technicians/installers have all the necessary manuals to install every appliance correctly to achieve a finished product that is safe for you and your entire family. Despite the above precautions, the kitchen and bathroom could pose a safety risk so we urge you to pay particular attention to the section entitled Useful tips.