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Quality System

Quality System

We have always considered quality one of our priorities.
For this reason, right back the early 90s, we knew that the development of a Quality Management System, based on an international standard, would play an important part in the ongoing improvement of our product quality.

The standard of reference is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

A quality management system is simply the best “modus operandi” for attempting to assure quality throughout the process running from definition of the customer’s needs through to their satisfaction, involving all corporate activities (the Deming Cycle).

The Scavolini quality management system therefore oversees every corporate process which affects quality, such as:
• product design and development,
• customer order management,
• supplier selection, assessment and control,
• production and maintenance,
• inspection of materials and finished products during reception, production and shipment,
• the carrying out of laboratory tests,
• documentation management,
• complaints management,

Through the careful management of these processes, the system pursues Scavolini’s main objective: the full satisfaction of its customers.

The Scavolini Quality System was awarded certification in 1996, and it has subsequently been constantly updated in accordance with clearly defined rules governing surveillance and renewal.

The Scavolini Quality System is certified by SGS , an independent body and world leader in verification, inspection and certification

In 2008 we received the MERIT AWARD, a prestigious recognition conferred by SGS to companies that have been particularly committed from the point of view of quality control, safety, the environment and social responsibility.