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Scavolini world-wide

The best seller from Italy

Today, the Scavolini brand enjoys prestige and credibility all over the world.
The company exports its brand and its products to more than 50 countries on the various continents; in some markets it has built up a brand notoriety so high that it has become synonymous with Italian design.
A targeted, effective, distribution and organisational network, the development of products in harmony with the tastes and requirements of different cultures and a communications policy aimed at full recognition of the brand and its corporate benefits are weapons Scavolini - which shows the same commitment of resources to exports as to the Italian market - has used to achieve growing success on the international markets.

Nowadays there are hundreds of carefully chosen outlets promoting the Scavolini brand and kitchens world-wide.
Scavolini has a strong, stable market share in the main European Union and eastern European markets and in strategic areas including Turkey, India, Cyprus, China, Indonesia, the United States and Latin America. Nowadays, the brand and products even reach exotic locations such as Barbados and Santo Domingo.

Today the company is able to cover even very large contracts for luxury residential complexes the world over, which are furnished with Scavolini kitchens.
Succeeding in a sector as complex as the Contract System sector is not easy, even for a very well-known brand: it takes large resources, immense commitment, and above all the conviction of inspiring total trust.
The quality of its output, the notoriety of its brand and its efficient organisation mean that Scavolini currently plays a leading role in the Contract sector. A constantly growing world-wide phenomenon, where Scavolini is amongst the leaders in terms of export capability and business.