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Design service

Scavolini projects are the product of your desires meeting the experience of expert designers, working carefully to pair your aspirational design with individual designs and come up with the most aesthetically pleasing and functional design solutions. From the conception of the initial idea through to the final design, you will see the step-by-step formation of your new environment and you can count on our trained support staff, who will be present to coordinate each individual stage in the process.

Define your project

Aesthetic needs and preferences, dimensions of the space, budget: we choose the necessary components of your project to offer you a feasibility assessment and cost estimate.

Confer your dreams to the best designers

Form follows function in the hands of expert planners, who outline the blueprint of the project drafted in the first step.

Made in Italy

After coming to a final agreement on the design plans, your project is ready to become a reality. Every component of your design is custom made for you, in our authentic Scavolini location in Italy.

The project comes to life

To implement the production stage of the design process, highly skilled and professional technicians are responsible for the installation of your new Scavolini environment, directly in your home. The result is a beautiful and custom space designed for your individual needs, sewn into your environment and ready to be lived in.