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Vittore Niolu


Ogni progetto è una sfida. La realizzazione di un’idea

Vittore Niolu presenta Formalia, una soluzione per l'arredo cucina e living

"Every project is a challenge. The implementation of an idea. I embarked upon an enjoyable partnership with Scavolini, marked by great teamwork whereby we share a specific sensitivity, passion and pride in tackling challenges as a whole. The result of our search for the essence, in both shape and material, is Formalia. With this project, we reinterpreted the “home system” in the form of furniture integrated with function: bookcases, desks, custom-sized containers and modular elements, a collection with a varied style that adapts to any setting. Since the focus in on function that is expressed with elegance. This is the Formalia kitchen"
"Today, the kitchen – together with the living room – is more and more a place for talking and spending time together. It is no longer just a functional space for preparing meals, but also an informal and hospitable place where relationships are forged and grow. Motus integrates these functions. It expresses two extremes: at the one, emotions, an affinity with our surroundings and spontaneity; at the other, the unexpected, bright colours, brilliant finishes, intense chromatic variations.
This principle of the project, supported by a taste for elegant, discreet style, allows for the customization and optimization of private spaces. This is Motus: connectional in terms of function, dissociable in terms of space and reconfigurable over time. Single, independent elements that can autonomously perform the functions they were designed for."

Vittore Niolu
Vittore Niolu

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