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Kitchens with recessed grip profile


Vertical or horizontal, in the same finish or with a different door: opening systems with a recessed grip profile reveal the soul of a contemporary kitchen.

Kitchens with recessed grip profile have their own appeal. They create a more uniform effect than with just normal handles, accentuating the style of considerably sophisticated compositions, albeit with a minimalistic feel. Thanks to their versatility, recessed grip profiles can meet any aesthetic requirement of contemporary kitchens. Here’s how!

Kitchen door with recessed grip profile

In continuity or in contrast: proof of style
With models in which the door is smooth, without interrupting the continuity of the surfaces, a result of extremely clean-cut shapes is obtained. Otherwise, when the grip profile is recessed in the door, a truly striking contrasting pattern is obtained.
With the DeLinea kitchen, customers can create their very own style by combining the grip with two different types of recessed grip profile: “Flat” with its flat strip, and “Round” with its recessed handle.

The opening has a recessed aluminium profile with cut at 45° and knurled, for greater ergonomics of the grip. The recessed grip profile can be available in contrasting Brass, Bronze, Silver and White or in the same finish as the door, depending on the look you want to obtain.

Kitchen door with recessed grip profile
Classy total look

The recessed grip profile is also the key element of the LiberaMente kitchen and emphasises the clear-cut and functional geometric shapes. This is also thanks to customisation elements, such as being able to choose the same finish for horizontal recessed grip profiles on fronts and plinths, and vertical recessed grip profiles on tall units. This creates a perfect total look, helping to make the kitchen project harmonious and consistent.

Kitchen door with recessed grip profile
The finishes for stylish choices

Another composition possibility combines an innovative and textured material, like Delhi Clay Biomalta, with recessed grip profiles and plinths in the elegant Bronze finish, which is also proposed for the vertical recessed grip profiles on the Switch cupboard containers in Royal Walnut.
Aesthetic choices for a more prominent and decorative result.

Kitchen door with recessed grip profile
Grande equilibrio

Sorprendente per l’essenzialità delle forme, ma anche per le soluzioni di design, che insieme sottolineano la cura e l’efficacia di una cucina che abbina funzionalità e rigore estetico. Le mensole e i contenitori bianchi, elementi distintivi delle composizioni cucina Qi, sono accompagnati da soluzioni evolute quali il piano inclinato a 45°, materiali di ultima generazione quale il Lapitec per piano e schienale, gole e zoccoli proposti nella stessa finitura dei frontali laccati Grigio Ferro. 

Kitchen door with recessed grip profile

Have the kitchens with recessed grip handle won you over? Find out more in the section dedicated to all of our models!

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