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Designing an open-plan kitchen


A few tips for a functional and creative environment

Talking about a environment which leaves plenty of room for an imaginative design.
Here are a few ideas and tips for organising the kitchen area in an open-plan environment
open space kitchen

Keeping the view unobstructed is fundamental to retaining a sense of airiness in the space,

and is a concept which also applies to the kitchen area.

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Creating an airy environment
Designing a modern or classic kitchen within an open-plan environment is a task which brings with it many hidden pitfalls. The greatest challenge of an open-plan environment is actually to create a large but not disorganised space, which is comfortable but not overcrowded with elements.
Keeping the view unobstructed is fundamental to retaining a sense of airiness in the space, and is a concept which also applies to the kitchen area.
How is this possible?

First of all, do not use furniture which is too tall or heavy (cabinets, shelving and folding screens); opt instead for “lighter solutions” such as rugs or low-level furniture.

Next, choose light colours in order to create a glowing and bright room.


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Open space kitchen - Foodshelf
Choosing a style

Another issue you need to consider is overall stylistic coherence, so that all areas interact with each other.
If you want to be daring, you should be aware that classic and modern, minimalist and rustic can co-exist very effectively in the same room, provided that they are combined wisely and are not used exclusively in one area.
For example, if choosing a classic and contemporary style kitchen, you can indulge yourself by placing both classic elements (such as other cupboards with framed doors) and modern accessories (a glass table, designer chairs, etc.) in other areas of the room.

Kitchen units: suitable and versatile
Even if the room is large and airy, it is better not to opt for extra large units.
All units for open-plan environments, including those designed for the kitchen, must nevertheless be of a useful size, as well as being suitable for the area in which they will be installed.
A defining feature of open-plan environments is the option of creating an ingenious “versatile” furnishing scheme capable of adapting to various functions.
Islands and peninsulas in this sense are the most suitable elements, as they are functional yet pleasant to look at.
From a kitchen point of view, an island and peninsula may be a work unit, holding everything you need within arm’s reach; on the other hand, it is a convenient option for storing books or for use as a snack bar/counter.
Kitchen cabinets - Mood Kitchen
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