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Scavolini always surprises you!


The winners of the contest organized in partnership with Zooppa.

We asked to create videos with a fresh, fun or exciting style: they had to describethose situations in which reality exceeds expectations, in order to underline by analogy, how Scavolini manages to give more and more of what can be imagined.
Thanks to all the participants!
1st place goes to "Scavolini Breakfast" by Danielez
Why did we choose it? 
"A really brilliant and original concept, a technically well done content that makes room to our brand, in a natural and fun way, a video that has been able to give shape to our request in the most effective way."
2nd place goes to "Jerry" by Sbt Original
Why did we choose it? 
"Its concept embodies our values ​​in the most traditional way. We appreciated the expedient of the stuffed animal that becomes a real dog, associated with the claim "Scavolini always surprises you".
3rd place goes to "Amore dove sei" by Ultimopiano
Why did we choose it? 
"He chases the perfect bathroom, she follows her kitchen's dream. Their research will surprise them. An original content that sees in this “game" its strength. They both go to a scavolini showroom without realising, until they are face to face, to be in the same place."
4th place goes to ""Ti sorprende sempre" by terralontanafilm
Why did we choose it? 
"Marco and Silvia, two little ones in love in a Scavolini Store: an emotional and nice concept at the same time. Not only kitchens, bathrooms and functional and innovative living, but also stories and emotions".
5th place goes to "I sogni ti aspettano a casa" by marcoandthree
Why did we choose it? 
"In every house there's a dreaming child. With Scavolini those dreams come true. A very creative concept that striked us with its emotional tone that makes us act like children; but this time, thanks to Scavolini, reality enhances dreams!"
6th place goes to "A living secret" by gigalo
Why did we choose it? 
He combined cleverly storytelling and enhancement of the product with a captivating, original and, at the same time, emotional concept. A very well-structured storytelling, a treasure hunt, a final "surprise" and the joy of living always new emotions together with Scavolini. We appreciated also the technical level for the well-executed shots and for the attention to every detail.
7th place goes to "Scavolini molto più che una cucina" by braviroberto
Why did we choose it?
For its almost disrespectful concept, which will certainly make you smile and which viewers have no trouble identifying with. Viewers are entertained by the various mishaps of the clumsy in his Scavolini kitchen, a kitchen that takes care of him and helps him overcome his misfortunes.
This fun video will certainly get a few laughs, while still keeping to the guidelines of the briefing.