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Furnish your home with virtual reality


Choosing furniture becomes an immersive 3D experience thanks to virtual reality

Furnishing your home can be really exciting: consulting the catalogue, taking measurements, and getting on the same page as the project designer. And yet, it isn’t always easy to imagine the end result. It would be great to be able to see the room fully furnished before you pick out all the details, wouldn’t it?! Luckily Virtuo does just this: it recreates the space designed, complete with finishes, colours and elements selected, allowing you to enter the space as if it were real. Let’s look at the possibilities afforded by Virtuo more closely, along with its incredible technology!

Virtuo Scavolini

The project is ready, the door and top finishes are amazing and the style is just right. But will it all be exactly as it appears on paper? Spoiler alert: you don’t need to know if you can see it! Thanks to virtual reality, Virtuo by Tesy Software can carry us into a new dimension, where we can live in our dream house in real-time before we've even decorated it.


Virtuo is truly intuitive and quick: once the project has been completed with the virtual kitchen, living room or bathroom configurator, you put on a VR visor or use a high resolution monitor to delve into a three-dimensional virtual room which matches the recently completed project.

Virtuo Scavolini

You can see and walk around the furnished room, and even modify it live, viewing the choices made in just a few seconds. This makes it easy to understand which door colour best suits the wood used for the windows and doors, how the soft closing mechanisms work, or see how the kitchen worktop in marble effect Dekton® plies the light in the open space overlooking the living room!


But there’s much, much more: with Virtuo you can even open up compartments - such as doors and drawers - in a virtual simulation, to understand the overall dimensions and how best to organise the furnishings. The space designed with the 3D kitchen configurator is embellished not only with furnishing solutions, but above all with everyday objects which you can interact with, by putting on the visor or looking at the project on the screen. Just like in a real room!

Virtuo Scavolini
Creative and indecisive customers report now: with Virtuo, you can experience your kitchen project in 3D in person and change the finishes you’re unsure of, in one simple click! Ready for your virtual journey?
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