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Glass bathroom

Furnishing advice

Door, shower, washbasin, top: choosing glass elements means furnishing a designer bathroom

Who says that the bathroom should be furnished with less attention than the rest of the house? In this article we will show you how using glass is enough to give it a unique and sophisticated look, worthy of a wellness centre.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms



A delightful effect of containment and transparency


Featuring drawers and shelves, bathroom cabinets help to create and convey a sense of tidiness, while containing towels, beauty and skin care products for your convenience. Depending on the space available, you can opt for different solutions, but whatever you choose, never lose sight of the concept of sophistication.


How do you like the Baltimora modules with frame and glass doors for a bathroom cabinet with a classic appeal, an emblem of elegance? A leading role is also played by the large display cabinet in the Diesel Open Workshop model, featuring a very striking mix of finishes: Soft Dun side panels, Bianco Carrara marble tops, Soft Steel metal elements and doors with aluminium frame and Ribbed Glass.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms
Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms




You read that right: when talking about glass, we often just think about transparency, but in reality there is no limit to the imagination about the effects that can be achieved.


Other examples are the three different glass options, Soft Industrial Glass, Soft Steel and Bronze, in the Misfits Bathroom collection.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms
Minimalist and stylish aesthetics


If your routine has prompted you to prefer the convenience of a shower to the slower pace of the bathtub, know that you haven’t given up on an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated bathroom: the glass shower enclosure, if kept clean, immediately changes the appearance of the room, while adding a sensual touch.


Lavabo e top a regola d’arte


Prima abbiamo citato alcune finiture per le ante, ma sai che sono disponibili molti complementi anche in vetro colorato?


Come non citare il lavabo integrato Freestyle proposto da Formalia in vetro lucido Verde Aloe, abbinato ai pensili con ante telaio nero e vetro fumé: puntare anche solo su sanitari di questo tipo, per lo più sospesi e di ultima generazione, ti permette di caratterizzare il bagno con unico elemento.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms
Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms



O ancora, per un tocco vintage, possiamo suggerirti la splendida composizione laccata lucida Grigio Tundra, un colore estremamente di tendenza, del modello Magnifica, che presenta non una, ma ben due vasche integrate: così non dovrai più litigare col partner per conquistare la postazione.


Se preferisci un lavabo classico bianco in ceramica, ma vuoi comunque ottenere un effetto di classe, puoi sempre optare per un top in vetro, come il piano Dress Divided del bagno Tratto, un pattern che regala una nota di ricercatezza alla linearità della composizione.

Lastly, for an extremely noticeable bathroom, glass can also replace other materials, becoming a precious support and decorative element, like the Levity glass shown by Tratto.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms