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Handles and recessed grip profiles, we compare solutions


Handles lend a touch of style, while recessed grip profiles offer a simple yet striking appearance to the setting: two door opening solutions compared.

Nothing is simple when it comes to building your own domestic haven and even the most mundane decision becomes decisive for furnishing spaces with personality. The door opening must be practical and functional, and blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, to become a genuine aesthetic and design element.


There are various types of recessed grip profiles and handles to choose from, which make for an incredibly wide choice to meet all needs, to be carefully assessed when designing a kitchen and creating a welcoming living space.

Kitchen door with handle

Functional, even in their aesthetics, handles become genuine decorative details.

Whether the handles are for the kitchen or for the living room, they are elements that lend a touch of absolute personality to their surrounding environment.


Handle design has evolved with time. Today, in fact, they come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. They are well suited to industrial or elegant kitchens, but are just as suitable for classic or modern living rooms. However, it is essential that they always match the rest of the furniture to perfection, in order to afford extreme harmony for all our surroundings.

Recessed grip profile opening
Recessed grip profiles

Recessed grip profile opening systems are very trendy and popular and should also be considered when designing kitchens or living rooms.

Recessed grip profiles are recessed into the inside the doors or drawers. They appear compact, while remaining practical, and are a valid alternative to handles.


They also feature various grips and sizes, and are usually the preferred solution for fans of minimal style and clean-cut design, where all materials come together, without interruption. In fact, in a setting where clean-cut styling is a must, recessed grip profiles are just the right system to achieve this kind of result. They blend perfectly with the surfaces, highlighting the beauty of the materials, which thus become the undisputed star attractions of impeccable compositions.

Kitchen door with handle
In the kitchen

The style and practicality we want for our home is the primary objective to reach, and in the kitchen, as in any other area, we are given free rein to create our ideal space. Kitchen handles or recessed grip profiles are both solutions which could be just right for us!

In the living room

The living room is one of the most lived-in areas of any home, where we spend most of our time, either alone or with our loved ones. The possibilities of how to furnish it are unlimited and even the door opening system is totally customisable. We can choose between recessed grip profiles and handles in complete freedom!

Recessed grip profile opening

There is no rule set in stone when it comes to choosing between recessed grip profiles and handles, just one piece of advice: practicality and personal taste first and foremost!

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