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The colours of a modern kitchen

Furnishing advice

The right colour combinations for a modern, cosy kitchen

If you have given yourself a modern style kitchen, aimed at simplicity, you will know that the choice of colours is essential to fully enhancing the aesthetic impact and creating a modest yet cosy atmosphere. So what is the colour palette for a contemporary setting that reflects your taste? You need essential colours and features: here are a few suggestions!

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms

Black is black

A colour with a timeless appeal, black is a style statement unto itself. But if you’re afraid of a sombre effect, try playing with other, brighter colours by combining coloured appliances or furnishing accessories to accentuate certain areas of the kitchen: an example? Yellow, the ultimate symbol of energy, with a modern twist to add a touch of light and achieve a strong look. Also not to be underestimated is the combination of matt black with decorative elements in steel, copper and gold; very trendy!

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms

50 shades of style

If we talk about steel, the work areas of starred restaurants immediately spring to mind: grey, with its many shades, is definitely replacing white in modern kitchens. Do you like it? Among the most sought-after combinations, we also recommend an oak finish: the composition will immediately appear industrial and extremely appealing, just like Evolution.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms

A striking dove grey

Who says that dove grey kitchens have to be classic? We are talking about a very up-to-date shade that has a dual advantage: it enhances the cabinets and makes the room look bigger. Light colours increase the brightness of the space, thereby altering its perception.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms

Painted blue

Are you looking for a bright, bold colour? Blue is undoubtedly a colour with character: you can choose from warmer, more intense shades, like Moon Blue of the Mood model, or cooler hues, like electric blue, for a modern kitchen with pop-like features. Again, there is nothing stopping you from choosing a completely blue kitchen, playing with tone-on-tone elements or indulging in contrasting accessories.

Scavolini kitchens, livingrooms and bathrooms
Which modern shade will you go for? Ask your Scavolini dealer for some colour charts!