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Boxi, an agglomeration of style and functionality

Design & Style

Whatever your available kitchen space is, the Boxi model is the right choice for you

Launched concurrently with the broader BoxLife collection, Boxi is a kitchen that appears at just the right moment, affording all its functionality and appeal, and disappears when no longer necessary. Integrated within this collection, Boxi exploits your home rationally, without forgetting the convenience offered by a traditional kitchen nor the perfect styling continuity with the rest of the interior décor.

It will allow you to arrange your cooking corner, sink, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, washer-drier not just in the confined spaces that are typical of small apartments and studio flats, but also in the office, where one room can easily be transformed into a communal area for lunch breaks.

Boxi kitchen

In pursuit of increasingly multi-functional and inter-connected settings

Boxi kitchen

However, Boxi can also be selected separately from the BoxLife system, especially by those who appreciate the trend for modern interiors: clean-cut and minimal geometric shapes, no traditional handles, functionality teamed with style.

The ultimate expression of this type of design can be found specifically in the handles obtained from a diagonal cut on the door, a look that does not in any way perturb the understated appearance of the compositions.

Whether it is a linear, galley, corner, horseshoe composition or one with an island, Boxi is striking yet simple and it shows off its soul in its totally clean-cut silhouettes.

Beauty, practicality and painstaking care for materials, this model has it all, and it is designed to mesmerise in both compact kitchens and unique settings that embrace the living room too.

Indeed, Boxi was devised to accommodate every need, without compromising on the dreams that revolve around this room, the genuine beating heart of every home.

Boxi kitchen
Boxi handle detail
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